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Link headers are a way to signal available actions to clients. Which actions can be available and how you can perform these actions are documented in the Media-Type specification corresponding to the Content-Type you got back from the server.

Links are identified using their `rel` parameter and always have a `href`.

Common Links

  • rel=self: This is the canonical URL for this resource. PUT and DELETE requests should generally be done here.
  • rel=next: The next page in a list
  • rel=prev: The previous page in a list
  • rel=first: The first page in a list
  • rel=last: The last page in a list

A full list of publicly registered relation types can be found on the IANA Link Relations page.

Additional Properties

A link can have other optional properties as well, an example is the templated=true property that should be added if a client is supposed to fill in a URL Template.